Direct Investment Development

Often a business, which is owned as a direct investment, needs supplemental external support to develop or implement business growth or profit improvement plans or initiatives. Our experienced team of professionals can support direct investment development initiatives.

The growth and development of a business sometimes requires assessment and planning services, and other times development implementation support. Relative to assessment and planning services, we can assist with Market Facing Strategy, Business Process Capability, or Value Optimization & Realization. For example, we can support market, customer and competitor research; process analysis and efficiency measurement, or other continuous improvement needs; or the development of internal or external growth plans.

When a development plan is finalized, our services are often needed to support implementation. In this regard, we provide a range of capabilities from building target customer databases; to continuous improvements assistance (e.g. LEAN or TOC); to management of acquisition activities; to external environment monitoring.

Our ability to provide such services is augmented by our affiliate networks.

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Questions our clients frequently ask

Our clients are often seeking input on risk management issues related to their direct investments:


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