In 1982, James Bly co-founded a professional services firm dedicated to working with business owning families and family offices on matters relating to growing larger, more valuable operating businesses and transitioning ownership from one generation to the next. That firm, Source Capital, was rebranded as Headwaters SC (HWSC) in 2008 when it aligned with the investment banking firm, Headwaters MB.

In 2017, HWSC's family enterprise business services (FEBS) advisory and consulting division was acquired by Ernst & Young, LLP (EY).

HWSC's family office direct investment services division was thereafter rebranded as FODIS. At that time, Harry Lawson Johnston became a principal in FODIS after he divested his ownership in L J Partnership, a London headquartered multi-family office and real estate direct investment firm. Shortly thereafter, Francois de Visscher combined the direct investment practice of de Visscher & Co into FODIS. Mr. de Visscher partnered with James Bly in 2004 to co-found Business Growth Alliance, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of FODIS.


Track Record

Successfully assisted over 350 clients to grow, finance, transition and monetize their private businesses.

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