Direct Investment Execution

While many Family Offices are attracted to direct investments, most need supplemental resources to implement their direct investment plans.

We can enhance access to deal flow through our proprietary database, and provide professional resources to support Direct Investment execution; including due diligence, valuation, structuring, financing and closing support.

Direct investments can offer greater control and flexibility, plus lower costs and better long-term returns than investments in private equity funds or other asset classes. However, originating and executing direct investments also requires different professional staff resources than are required for allocation to other classes of investments. FODIS provides access to experienced direct investment professionals on an outsourced basis.

Our skilled professional team members can assist with:

  • Analysis of mega-trends & validation of long-term industry segment trends
  • Analysis of key competitors and competitive trends with an industry segment
  • Proprietary research and origination of direct investment targets
  • Due diligence of originated targets
  • Negotiation of acquisition & investment terms
  • Assistance with financing and closing direct investments

With regard to originating direct investments, we have built a proprietary database through which we track over 30,000 family controlled businesses in the 12 Industry Segments we serve, along with key metrics associated with the industries in which they participate. These are businesses with $25MM to $3B of revenue. We use this proprietary research to assist our clients with originating direct investments on a negotiated basis, enabling them to bypass participation in auction processes. Please contact us for a free demonstration of our powerful research database.

We also pioneered the practice of "Families Investing In Families". For more than a decade, we have researched and developed access to a significant number of family offices and business owning families who are seeking to co-invest with other families in direct investments.

For more information on Direct Execution Development, please click here.

Questions our clients frequently ask

FODIS can provide counsel and execution assistance to help clients better understand company capitalization matters such as:


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